Palate Portfolio: Côte – Saint-Valentin

Picture the scene: it’s cold. It’s another cold, miserable Februarian Sunday. The wind howls through Covent Garden’s narrow streets, as hungry tourists seek refuge in cosy eateries along Tavistock St. In the heart of this area, we have our beloved Cote Bistro.

We are greeted warmly by our hosts, who are visibly young and healthy European men, with an insatiable hunger for good customer service. Upon sitting down, we are pleasantly surprised by some Kir Royale, its bubbles cheerily fizzing in tune with the comforting burble of the bistro. Looking over the indulgent Saint Valentin menu, we notice the sheer plethora of dishes, with each and every option pretty much begging to be eaten.


For the starters, we opt for the chicken liver parfait and the smoked salmon, both served with golden sourdough bread. We are no strangers to the chicken liver parfait, having opted for it numerous times on previous visits, and for a reason: it is perfectly paired with apple chutney, making each bite an incredibly satisfying mixture of salty, umami, and sweet. The smoked salmon is a new try for us, and its combination with crème fraîche, dill and shallots is surprisingly refreshing.

For the mains, we decide on the roast duck breast and the fillet steak, both serving pink and juicy realness. The fillet steak comes with aromatic mushroom and french bean sauce, and the duck breast, in its pink glory, is expertly paired with gratin potato and griottine cherry sauce, the latter truly being the cherry on top.


The desserts are particularly stellar, even though someone forgot to put the fresh raspberries on our creme brûlée. (sad reaccs only)

For that, we’ll have to give our MVP vote to the chocolate fondant. Chocolate Fondant, you’re perfect you’re beautiful you look like Linda Evangelista you’re a model…


…you strut onto my plate purse first and I’m not mad at it. Served with cinnamon ice cream, this dessert is sugar and spice and everything nice, and everything you deserve this Valentine’s.



For years, we have loved Cote with all our hearts, so we are chuffed to have spent our Valentine’s period in the comfort of our foodie home. The Saint-Valentin menu is just £26.95 per person, and is available until the 15th February! Get booking!

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