Our Story

It’s 3PM on a Friday. Sometime in September 2016. Four teenagers are sat around the table in Homeslice. One of them, whilst desperately trying to capture a good pizza shot for an Instagram humble-brag post, is frustrated their followers don’t share the same excitement for food. Soft sigh. “I should just make a page for my food.” . . .”We should make a student food blog!”. Silence. And then laughter. No one’s going to follow that.

Fast forward to April 17th 2017. 298 posts and 10.6k followers later, NibblingLDN has become an established presence on the Instagram food scene. Ran by four no-longer-teenagers, NibblingLDN continues to actively document the best (and not so best) food the capital has to offer.

So, we created this blog. Through this, we want to make our experiences personal, and give our photos a voice. Come along and stick around. We love attention.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 01.48.31
The photo that started it all.

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