The Gousto X NibblingLDN “Fine” Dine

Our new year’s resolution this year is the same as everyone else’s – to, you know, join the gym, smash the home-cooked food game, and also eat clean and lean. But how is that possible when all we’re dreaming of is that heavenly and incredibly tempting McDonald’s post a wild night out? Or that cheeky kebab shop for dinner after a really long day in the library and lectures? Researching healthy and delicious recipes is SO time consuming and the physical act of grocery shopping is not just long and a right bore but also frustrating, especially when we can’t find the red wine vinegar on aisle 18 (absolute (((((((crisis))))))). Factor in that we’re a bunch of lazy, busy and stressed students; time is of the essence and we got none of that.

Thank god we’ve managed to discover the beauty that is Gousto. With Gousto, all you need to do is log-on to their website, select one of the 24 weekly meals you’re feeling and they’ll freely deliver the freshest, most wholesome ingredients right to your doorstep.  Gousto offer numerous box options, which are best suited for different households. However, because we have a really big close-knit university family we decided to opt for the family-sized box, providing us with enough ingredients per recipe to cook 4 whole meals. We ended up ordering the 4 recipes box, retailing at £47.75. This meant that each meal totalled only £2.98 per serving and we had enough food to feed 16 people. Go big or go home am I right? Why settle for a £3.00 Co-op meal deal when we can live life in the fast lane; save that extra 2p and get an even healthier, more nutritious and fresher meal? However, if you, unlike us, live in a smaller household, you can also opt for the more popular 2-person box and order between 2 and 4 recipes. For further information on pricing you can check it out here.

With the different recipes that we ordered, we noticed that they really practice what they preach, as the ingredients were incredibly fresh and high quality. With incredibly easy to follow recipes (WITH pictures as well, which honestly truly helps), cooking is now foolproof. We decided to put this to the test by hosting a dinner party for some of our best friends at university. Us here at NibblingLDN love a good meal and what better to share it with loved ones and friends?


We started off easy by preparing the Chickpea Shawarma Salad with Sumac Pita Chips. This was actually so easy to make, sensational on the palate and tastes just as good as it looks – all our friends can most certainly attest to this. We won’t go into too much detail on these recipes, as we want you to try out Gousto for yourselves, but let’s just say it involved a lot of chop chop chopping and salt-bae style seasoning.

We then proceeded to make the tomato risotto with mozzarella and basil oil, which was definitely the most time-consuming. The one tip we would give when it comes to Gousto: check the time required for each recipe. We didn’t do this despite it being clearly outlined on the recipe card, which meant we were stuck at the hob stirring two pans of risotto for a solid half an hour. This isn’t Gousto’s fault, it was just us being lazy and impatient. Nevertheless, we eventually got the risotto to tighten and the rice to plump up, resulting in one of the smoothest risottos we’ve made at home! It was genuinely a delayed Christmas miracle. Thank you Jesus.

We then figured we’d get the linguine going. This dish definitely made the kitchen smell divine, and again, was so simple to make. We just boiled some pasta, chopped some onions, garlic and bacon, threw them in the pan, mixed in the veg, and seasoned. Bish bash bosh, clotted cream and all, the linguine was done.

At this point, we had managed to cook three whole meals, which served FOUR PEOPLE EACH, in just under three hours. THAT IS FOOD FOR 12 PEOPLE. #quickmaths IN JUST UNDER THREE HOURS. BY AMATEUR CHEFS. Honestly, in hindsight that is super impressive, so we are open to receiving medals in our PO Box*.

Finally, we finished up the Thai Prawn and Noodle salad. Again, the trend seems to be ‘quick and easy’, as despite the recipe card saying this salad takes 30 mins, we managed to get it done in just under 25! Also, side note: the prawns which were delivered to us by Gousto are the real MVPs. They cooked perfectly and had the most amazing crunch!

And so, our 16 people dinner was ready. We whipped out some boujee plastic cutlery and plates, brought out some succulents for decoration, and served up the bulk dishes to our guests. Overall, the taste of the food made up for the modest reception and the lack of napkins. Not only that, but we were also left with a CRAZY amount of leftovers (pictured below). All in all, we had an amazing night, surrounded by great people and lovely food – for the first time, all cooked by us FROM SCRATCH! We could not be prouder.

To find out more about Gousto and their new ranges, check out our review of their launch here!

*we don’t have a PO Box.

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