Bill’s, Covent Garden – St Martin’s Courtyard

Over the last month, we’ve become incredibly passionate about Bill’s, and it all started with our visit to their Covent Garden branch.

Nestled in the heart of St Martin’s Courtyard, the recently refurbished Bill’s provides a stunning interior and a beautiful al-fresco set-up, meaning you can enjoy your meal in or out of the summer sunshine depending on your tastes and melanin levels – Anna’s Mediterranean-looking ass doesn’t burn so she happily sits outside at every opportunity. Despite this preference, we opted for a table inside, where we could enjoy the stunning chandeliers (they didn’t let us swing from them sadly, this is a classy establishment.) The refurbishment has hands down made this our favourite branch to dine at. It’s absolutely stunning, and it has a menu to match.




The food at Bill’s has always been tasty, light, and filling without making you feel overly stuffed, so we weren’t surprised to find out nothing has changed. We opted for main menu options, and made sure to try as much as we possibly could in order to have an exhaustive impression of the food and service.



To start, we opted for the halloumi plate and the prawns. Both were incredibly flavourful and paired with sauces and ingredients which at first didn’t seem particularly intuitive yet tasted absolutely amazing. The halloumi sticks came paired with chutney, aiming for and succeeding at creating a salt-sweet combination to die for. The prawns on the other hand were seared and paired with chilli and garlic, adding some salt and spice and everything nice to an already impressive selection of starters. Further impressive dishes on the starters menu include the pork dumplings and the calamari, which we sadly haven’t photographed but have tried on many occasions.


Now came time for the main show, and we were excited to see if what followed the opening acts could meet the already raised bar, of if it would easily limbo underneath it without even bending its back. We are pleased to say the main act was even more impressive, and so for the last month we have kept coming back for these two dishes again and again.


The MVP of today’s game is the pan-fried chicken with mushrooms and truffle, which was so juicy and bursting with so much flavour we’ve had it about 5 or 6 times in the last month. In second place came the Kashmiri lamb shank resting on spicy cashew and tomato butter sauce. It was so well prepared it slid right off the bone and melted in your mouth. It was paired with coconut rice, which we must say was a match made in heaven’s kitchen.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, both the steak and the fish & chips are also incredible, so definitely opt for those if you get the chance.


Here’s a little quote from one of our friends who felt quite passionate about the steak:

When it comes to steak, I’m a fussy eater. I adore steak, but only when it is done perfectly. To my delight, Bill’s did not disappoint. I ordered a rib-eye with peppercorn sauce, accompanied by fresh greens and salad. I sat back and wondered whether I’d made the right choice, but as soon as the waitress placed the plate down I knew I had. The steak was yuuuuge. Not only did it dominate the plate, but it was thicc. I had asked the waitress for my steak to be cooked medium rare (as any civilised person does), and was delighted as I sliced into it. The meat was a gorgeous shade of pink, and had clearly been excellently cooked and rested as it was incredibly juicy. The flavour was, frankly exceptional, with the peppercorn sauce perfectly complimenting the ageing and seasoning of the meat. But what really blew my mind was the texture of the steak. It was incredibly tender, and I could have mouthful after mouthful of rich flavour without the slightest of effort. This, paired with fresh vegetables and a wonderfully light salad, made for an incredibly refreshing main course.



At this point, we have basically tried them all, but our favourites are 100% the lemon meringue roulade and the melting banoffee sundae. The lemon meringue was fresh and fluffy, which perfectly contrasted the indulgence of the hot-cold combo of ice cream, salted caramel and melted chocolate. We’re strong believers that a picture paints a thousand words, and a video paints with one thousand more, so here you have our 4000 word essay on how amazing these two desserts are:



Overall, Bill’s is always an absolute delight to visit. The service is prompt and polite, the drinks are always top notch, and the food is just the right level of light yet indulgent, which portion-sizes never being an issue. We can’t wait to have dinner there tonight! (Bill’s Shepherd’s Bush here we come! :D)


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