Palate Portfolio: Sisu London, Oxford Street

It was a nice, sunny-ish evening in London. We were slap-bang in the middle of our internships, meaning we were absolutely exhausted and really in need of some negroni and a good time. So, we picked up our handbags and eye-bags, and made our way to Sisu London – a cocktail rooftop bar overlooking the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street.

The bar itself was small and cosy, with wooden decor, cute benches, loads of greenery, and evening lights – all of which was totally our preferred aesthetic and made for the perfect post-work retreat.

Once we sat ourselves down, we were treated to some great cocktails the size of our heads, and the nibbles were pretty legit too. After a few terrible attempts at a photo of me looking shocked at the size of the cocktail, we opted for a moodier pic featuring the size of my eye-bags as a point of reference.

The food did not disappoint. Throughout the night we were offered a variety of mini burger sliders, poutine, crispy squid, as well as absolutely incredible cauliflower cheese arancini (they rivalled those at The Italian Job, we must say, just look at those gifs). Below, you will also see a few of the sliders Sisu have on offer: namely the Classic Cheese and the Narco. These sliders were soooo juicy and full of flavour, my stomach is howling just thinking about them.

You could tell we were quite tired, as it took us a while to notice the cocktail vending machine nicely tucked to the side wall of the entryway. But worry not – we found it, we used it, and we even made a brief instructional video on how to make your own negroni! #queensoftheDIY #italsoservesOldFashioned

And finally – we had the cocktail jars, which held cocktails so lush you couldn’t keep track of how much you were drinking:

Overall, it was a brilliantly boozy and a positively umami evening, spent in a great location with some wonderful people. We can’t wait to be back!

For more information on the opening times, menu, and drinks visit (you gotta love them for that custom top-level domain name; if you know, you know.)


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