Palate Portfolio: Enoteca Rabezzana, Barbican

Last Tuesday, we took a quick trip to Barbican and visited Enoteca Rabezzana. We heard it was recently refurbished, so we couldn’t wait to see it in all its spankin’ new glory!

Our short walk to the restaurant from Barbican Station turned into Sasuke Ninja Warrior, which consisted of shits and giggles whilst navigating a range of health and safety hazards, such as crap building-works, big vans and two-wheeled devils cyclists.

the face of near-death experience 🙂
Thankfully, it wasn’t long before we were at the doorstep of this stunning little place. The atmosphere was friendly and warm, the decor was rustic chic, and the bar was hands down one of the cutest bars we’ve ever seen. We just couldn’t miss a photo-op, especially one which involves a slav squat.

After finishing up with the childish behaviour and taking a seat, we kicked off the evening with some beautiful Prosecco served in a glass clearly the size of my head. (A lot of drinks seem to be the size of my head so maybe my head is just small).

The drink itself was wonderful and light, meaning it went incredibly well with our starters – especially the scamorza al coccio miele e mandorle (oven baked scamorza cheese with honey and almonds). We definitely recommend trying the scamorza – think of it like a creamier and less-moist mozzarella. It is lightly smoked but also quite sweet – qualities which were heavily complemented by the sweetness of the honey, while the almonds added that extra crunch and buttery flavour to the oven-baked dish.

The other starters we ordered were the carpaccio di manzo con salsa ai peperoni (angus beef carpaccio & sweet peppers sauce) and the ratatouille ai vegetali (ratatouille, aubergine, courgette and sweet peppers). There is not much to say here as the photos speak for themselves, but in terms of taste all we can say is that the carpaccio and sweet pepper sauce tasted amazing with the scamorza, while the ratatouille was well-prepared and nicely seasoned. Would definitely recommend this combination.

The mains were equally if not more excellent. Pictured below are the tagliatelle calamari e gamberi e tartufo fresco (tagliatelle with squid, king prawn and fresh truffle), tagliolini al polpo con pistachhio e pecorino (tagliolini with octopus, pistacchio and pecorino cheese), and the bistecca di manzo con insalata mista (rib eye steak with mixed salad). The steak was tender, seasoned brilliantly and also cooked to perfection, which is all you really want in a good, quality steak. The tagliatelle calamari e gamberi e tartufo fresco was amazing, where the truffle brought that extra level of finesse to the dish; that combined with the squid, prawn and lush sauce made this my dish of the night. The tagliolini al polpo con pistachhio e pecorino was Siobhan’s MVP though, thus both pasta dishes were equally loved. The pistachios, pecorino cheese, octopus and that rich tomato-based sauce were an unexpected yet harmonious pairing, definitely making for a taste to remember. As you can see we just had to photograph these dishes more than once.

We couldn’t leave without trying dessert could we? At Enoteca Rabezzana they make their desserts fresh and daily, hence only having one option: dessert of the day (chef’s choice). Luckily for us it was a Tiramisu and if you know us, you’d know that we cannot resist a good, quality tiramisu (Birramisu @ The Italian Job hollaaa – that article is coming soon). Fortunately for us, the tiramisu was dreamy, sweetie and creamy, and almost as magical as this list-of-three.

Overall, Enoteca Rabezzana is an absolute delight, and definitely a place we can’t wait to visit again. Make sure to pop by and tell them we say hello in the meantime!






62-63 Long Lane, London, EC1A 9EJ

Contact Details

020 7600 0266

Opening Times


(Summer Bank Holiday)

Hours might differ
Tuesday 11:30AM–10:30PM
Wednesday 11:30AM–10:30PM
Thursday 11:30AM–11:30PM
Friday 11:30AM–11:30PM
Saturday 5:30–11:30PM
Sunday Closed

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