Palate Portfolio: The Potato Project

Who doesn’t love potatoes? Crisps, fries, mash, wedges, scalloped and BAKED, we LOVE a good potato and it’s versatility; the fact that it can be cooked so many different ways and always taste SPUD-TACULAR. Now imagine our excitement when we heard about The Potato Project; the cutest shop in Soho with a menu jam-packed with baked potatoes (sweet and regular) with whacky and exciting toppings. When our lovely friends at Adwaiz invited us over, we jumped at the opportunity to finally try out these goodies, since we had heard such positive things.


We waltzed in and headed downstairs to the influencer table, which was all cute and cosy. We sat down and had a long glance at the menu, trying to figure out what exactly we wanted to order. However, thankfully we didn’t actually have to make this decision because news broke that we’d be getting 4 of each item on the menu to share between the 10 of us (a whopping total of about 28 baked potatoes ooooh). After a lot of tummy rumbling, chatter and giggles the first baked potato had arrived. Although it looked incredibly insane, we had to resist our temptation to immediately tuck in to take some sick photos for you guys!

Sweet potato with Thai curry chicken and coconut & lime curry.

First up we had a sweet potato with Thai curry chicken and coconut & lime curry. Who would’ve thought to pair a curry with a baked potato? We most certainly wouldn’t have. The sweet potato was soft, fluffy and gooey and the spice of the Thai curry added that extra oomph to the dish, making it shine. Once we dug in we didn’t want to stop, but we had to resist the temptation to continue so that we could save some room for the other 6 potatoes we were in for (trust us, it was so hard).

Sweet potato, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto

We then got to try both the sweet potato with mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto as well as the sweet potato with Malaysian veg curry. These were both also WINNERS in our hearts, both being clear MVPS for us. The sweet potato with mozzarella was gooey and cheesy and downright amazing. The addition of pesto and sun-dried tomatoes was insanely clever, which is because these simple ingredients made the entire dish shine. Being from Malaysia (and currently suffering from extreme homesickness), the Malaysian veg curry was a huge pick-me-up, being hearty and warming and packed full of yummy veggies. ALL the sweet potato options really did make our hearts sing and we’d definitely come back for more.

Sweet potato with Malaysian veg curry

After an abundance of sweet potatoes, we then moved on to trying the regular baked potatoes. Personally, we’d have sweet potatoes over regular potatoes any day, hence the sweet potato side of the menu was a clear winner in our minds, however we’re biased. Although that was the case, the regular potato side of the menu was also gob-smacking. We did have some favourites that we really did enjoy. Our first fav we had was the smoked ham hock, pesto mayo, sun-dried tomatoes and melted mozzarella (I’ll let the picture below speak for itself). We also enjoyed the delicious vegan option, which was made up of black beans, lime guacamole and corn salsa (YUUUM). This flavour combination was fresh and zesty and suited for those who prefer something lighter. Our last and great potato of the day was the Autumn wild mushrooms, spinach, blue cheese and truffle oil and this combo was absolutely lush. The lack of a photo should speak for itself because we dug in and never turned back (oops).

If none of the potato combinations suit your liking there’s no need to fear! This is because you can also ‘pimp your jacket’ with any of the toppings that you like – a baked potato YOUR way! The Potato Project also has some delicious sides as well to add a lil’ something extra to your already crazy potato. These were the half loaded avocado and the sweet potato hummus with pear (both are vegan – and both sooo good!)

Overall, the experience was amazing; good food and great company = an amazing night! We personally preferred the sweet potatoes over the regular, but we’re biased. What’s your favourite potato? Whatever your answer, after going here you’ll get one thing straight and that’s that you’re going to say good-bye to regular toppings like cheese and tuna forever. After this life-changing experience, we’re going to be experimenting a lot more in the future – we’ll never view a baked potato the same ever again. With Halal, veg and even vegan options, the potato project is a place for everyone to enjoy – so bring your friends and head on down for a delicious baked potato!


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