Palate Portfolio: Ahi Poké

When you think Hawaiian food, what comes to mind? To us, it was pineapple and coconuts, and not much else. Call us ignorant, but we honestly have limited knowledge of the Hawaiian cuisine. When we heard about Ahi Poké and its Hawaiian roots, we pounced at the opportunity to discover what it really is.

Ahi Poké is a beautiful restaurant tucked away on the corner of Percy Street in Fitzrovia. The interior was a mix of white and a soft, pastel blue. One of the walls was painted with the menu and another showing you how to order – pictured below. The entire place had beach vibes, which was well appropriate since we’d just finished our exams and were in holiday mode. Anyone want to sponsor us a trip to Hawaii?


The experience is fully customisable, which can be super great but also hella scary if you have no idea wtf you are doing. Thankfully the staff at Ahi were incredibly welcoming and helpful by recommending pre-built bowls and giving us tips on the things which complement each other.

Eventually, we decided on two very similar bowls without even discussing it with each other. You can tell we know a great nibble™ when we see one. Our base was quinoa and kale (you can mix and match), topped with salmon, sesame shoyu sauce, edamame, avocado and fried onion. The bowl was surprisingly filling with a super fresh taste! It was a hot day that day, so the cold salmon, avocado and edamame were god-sent. The salty crunch of the fried onion was also something we really needed in our lives at that moment in time (you need it too).


We’d definitely recommend a visit if you haven’t been! Check out their website (which is so beautiful) to view their entire menu!


You’ve just been pokéd – now get over there!
S.B. & A.M.A.

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