Palate Portfolio: Pizza Union

Pizza Union have recently opened a new joint in Aldgate so of course we had to pay them a visit! As we’re a bunch of students with huge appetites, Pizza Union is our godsend because of its affordable pizzas that range between £4.90 and £6.50. So we hopped on a bus and journeyed South into central London, which was a tad bit of a trek but was most definitely worth it. On the way we passed St Pauls Cathedral, which made the journey slightly more exciting (evidence pictured below) – feel free to admire the sick and refreshing photography.


Once we arrived and hopped off the bus, we wandered through some little streets, past the Old Spitalfields Market (we’ll be back) and finally ended up in Aldgate at our main destination of the day: Pizza Union. The restaurant is just as quirky as its other branches, having a mix of wooden and randomly tilled tables which gave the restaurant a rather rustic and classic Italian feel. We also encountered the huge authentic pizza oven, which prompted us to order.

We decided to share a salad to, you know, get one of our 5-a-day sorted, so we ended up getting the Pizzeria salad. All the vegetables were so FRESH and crunchy and there was just enough vinaigrette dressing to give it that extra kick (the cheeky pizza managed to sneak in the back there oops ;))


We ended up ordering the Tropicali, which was topped with tomato, mozzarella, ham, pineapple and oregano (don’t judge us because we happen to be firm supporters and avid promoters of pineapple on pizza – sorry Gordon Ramsay). We also ordered the Carne because the sound of tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken, beef, pepperoni, onions and rosemary was too good to pass on! These bad boys were only £5.50 and £6.50 respectively, which is an absolute bargain! Look how MOUTHWATERING-LY DELICIOUS they look!!


We can assure you that the crust was crunchy, the sauce was delicious and the toppings were sensational, fresh and fiiiine. There isn’t much more to be said other than that the entire meal was exceptional, especially at those prices! If your mouth isn’t watering yet, here’s another angle – once again my photography astonishes all (I’m a complete amateur give me my 5 minutes of fame):


BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! When you thought it was all over it most certainly was not – dessert is the best part of any meal, no? Pizza Union has a range of delicious home-made Gelato’s to choose from, however we just didn’t get the chance to try them because we were so full from our insane meal (but we’ve heard such great things – especially about the Tiramisu flavour with a secret surprise inside). Although we didn’t get the chance to try the ice-cream, we refused to go home without dessert because where’s the fun in that? We ordered the Classico, which is a warm dough ring filled with warm nutella and mascarpone… mmmm, dreamy. We cut in and the nutella and mascarpone spilled out and it was SO good we couldn’t get a picture because we just dove straight in there.


Overall, the experience was delightful. The relaxed feel of the place and the good vibes made the journey worth it and the restaurant just that more enticing. The ingredients used were fresh, which made the pizza even more flavourful and delicious. Moreover, the affordability of Pizza Union was also a huge plus because we could get more bang for our buck, which also left us with more money to come back and indulge in the experience all over again. What can I say, another successful restaurant hunting experience. We can’t wait to treat ourselves to again!


Address: 29 Leman Street, London, E1 8PT

Hours: 11-LATE (all day errryday)




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