Palate Portfolio: Broccoli, Covent Garden

Tucked away in a corner of Covent Garden you can find Broccoli, unassuming and bright green. As one out of four branches in the UK, Broccoli Covent Garden has recently gained a lot of momentum on the insta foodie scene. We’ll be frank – the place is not what you typically get in the heart of Covent Garden. It is small, carby, and super cheap. The seating area is stuffy and natural sunlight is a myth – it is underground in the non-edgy way. If the weather is nice we definitely recommend you take it away.

It was an absolutely boiling Saturday afternoon. All of us had just woken up after a long, dramatic night out. We were cranky, the sun was angry, one of our reps was sporting forehead stitches, and another was dealing with a huge blister crisis. Sewn up, bare-footed, and limpy, we eventually reached Bedford St.

The staff were friendly and speedy, especially considering the size of our team – rarely are we all free at the same time, but for some reason, today was the day Broccoli had 6 mouths to feed.

Broccoli do pizza and pasta, and for those put off by the name, fear not, actual broccoli is hard to come by. Every order is customisable with a lot of choice for the customer, especially when it comes to the pasta dishes. We ordered a few of the ‘Original’ pizzas, Shrimp-based spaghetti, and one Chicken penne, all of which we took away to Victoria Embankment Park. If anyone ever tells you they have had picnic food more lit than this they’re lying and are definitely talking about this one time they sat in Regent’s Park with a meal deal.

The pizza was good. It was definitely quite different from pizza you get in places like Homeslice (we’re biased, that’s our home), but nevertheless it was quite yummy and only a fiver! But let us tell you this – our MVP was the customisable pasta. Arguably, having control over every single component could be a recipe for disaster, but if you are brave and know how you like your pasta, perhaps with extra veg or without that pesky basil leaf, this is the place to go. The portions are huge and the pasta is saucy, which leaves you super satisfied sporting a significant food baby. (We couldn’t finish it!) Places for good quality takeaway pasta are so rare; we are SO glad to have finally one!

Overall, Broccoli led to an afternoon well-spent. All the food is super affordable and DELIVERY IS FREE, which is so good for those who are absolutely hanging after a night out! Worth a visit.

PS – shout-out to the cheeky garlic bread sides the staff gave us with our meal – total surprise!



Broccoli Pizza & Pasta

49 Bedford St, London WC2E 9HA

020 7240 0574

Open: 8am-10:30pm


A.M.A. & S.B.

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