Hypit Launch Party – 26.04.17

In April, we celebrated the birth of Instagram and TripAdvisor’s love-child in the edgy Islington Metal Works.


It is 8:30PM. We are fashionably late to the Hypit launch party, which is tucked away in the Islington Metal Works. Upon arrival, we are greeted by a stunning fire performer with a figure to die for. She was clearly not one of the food influencers.

The venue is sick. Nestled right behind Angel station (which also happens to be our ends), these old stables turned metalworks also house spaces especially reserved for events like this. The courtyard decor is made up of colourful seating, and right in the centre is the tube carriage cocktail bar. As we make our way around, we find ourselves in the club area. Here, we stumble upon moody lighting, a photo booth with an array of props, psychedelic marshmallows (of course), and what is a good party without steaming inhalable absinthe bombs?


As the night continues, a few people grace the stage, including Hypit’s very own Joe Levi, CEO. After a warm welcome, the party continues in full swing.

At this point, we are ready to hit the G+Ts. So, we grab some drinks, loiter around and have some chats with Julius Dein and Amber Dowding – just our usual Thursday night.


The pizza arrives, and Nibbling nostalgia hits like a truck. Not only was this event held in our first home as students (Angel), but the food provided was our first home as a team (Homeslice). This is when we knew Hypit and NibblingLDN are a total match.


All in all, we had a fantastic night. Good drinks, good food, good company. What more could you want?

Download Hypit and follow us @NibblingLDN – you really don’t want to miss out!



Photocreds: Hypit

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