Palate Portfolio: The Sloane Bros, Brick Lane


Located on Brick Lane, one of the edgiest streets in London and home to other legends like Beigel Bake and Crosstown Doughnuts, is the one and only Sloane Bros. You would be surprised to hear the founder of this parlour doesn’t have a brother, and his surname is not Sloane. His name is Joseph Chakra, a man who sought to deliver “British nostalgia, British ingredients, and British quality” through his parlour. With froyo made of British-only milk, and rooted in a completely British legend (see below), Chakra most certainly delivers on his promise.


We were greeted by white benches and a wall painted in pastels. The attention to detail was incredible, as shown by the scattered paintings depicting eating froyo from bowler hats; they looked so class we didn’t even realise what they were depicting until we uploaded the photos to this blog. (You will be less confused by these images if you read Sloane Bros’ inspiration below.)


This attention to detail was obvious in the service, too. The froyo was poured with precision and decorated with great care. Each order was taken carefully, and the staff were incredibly patient with us, as we were being indecisive yet again; with endless options we were spoilt for choice. Flavours included natural, hazelnut chocolate, strawberry and dulce de leche. Sloane Bros give you the chance to taste the different flavours, so we obviously needed to taste all because we take our froyo choices very seriously – no time for funny business. Oh boy was the decision tough but we eventually settled for a mix between the natural and hazelnut chocolate. You’re entitled to have as many flavours as you want, so go nuts (there’s a pun in here somewhere you just have to look really hard).


Sloane Bros also offer a huge range of freshly baked oh-so-gooey brownies, fruits, biscuits, nuts (here it is) and sauces as toppings and once again we were so lost. Although you’re able to customise your order as you wish, we settled for one of their specials – The Victoria Cup – because we just couldn’t make up our minds, sue us. The Victoria Cup came with a substantial amount of froyo, a gooey brownie of our choice, strawberries and a sauce (we chose chocolate). We immediately tucked in (after a solid photoshoot – refer to our sick pix) and it was SUCH CREAMY GOODNESS. We were quiet for a solid 5 minutes and mind you we’re a loud bunch. We may have been savouring the creamy goodness, may have just seen Adele, you’ll never know.


Overall, this place is incredible and was the perfect post-exam treat – to think just 24 hours prior to this we were all sitting in a dull, dingy exam hall failing to crunch numbers or crying over trust property. But the tears were no more. The cute, minimalistic aesthetic of the store, paired with the delicious (and FAT FREE?!) frozen yogurt, definitely made it a worthwhile Saturday trek trip. Definitely the best froyo we have tried (so far). Check out their website. It’s hands down the most aesthetically pleasing web-page we have come across in recent months!



Address: 214 Brick Ln, London E1 6SA
Hours: 12 – 7pm (8pm on Fri and Sat)

S.B. & A.M.A.

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